Diamond Grading Report - World Gemological Institute
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Diamond Grading Report

The Diamond Grading Report issued by the World Gemological Institute (WGI) provides an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the characteristics and quality of a specific diamond. This report is widely recognized and respected within the diamond industry.


This is the information you are going to find on a WGI Diamond Report:


  1. General Information:
    • Report Number: WGI-XXXXX
    • Date Issued: xxxx, 2023
    • Shape and Cut Style: e.g., Round Brilliant, Princess Cut, etc.
    • Measurements: Dimensions of the diamond (length, width, depth)
    • Carat Weight: The weight of the diamond (expressed in carats)
    • Color Grade: A letter grade indicating the diamond’s color (ranging from D, colorless, to Z, noticeable color)
    • Clarity Grade: A letter grade indicating the diamond’s clarity (ranging from FL, flawless, to I3)
  2. Proportions and Cut Grade:
    • Cut Grade: A grade indicating the quality of the diamond’s cut (ranging from Excellent to Poor)
    • Polish: The quality of the diamond’s surface finish (ranging from Excellent to Poor)
    • Symmetry: The precision and alignment of the diamond’s facets (ranging from Excellent to Poor)
    • Measurements: The diamond’s dimensions, including table percentage, depth percentage, crown angle, and pavilion angle
  3. Diamond Characteristics:
    • Fluorescence: The diamond’s reaction to ultraviolet light (ranging from None to Very Strong)
    • Comments: Any additional remarks or observations regarding the diamond’s characteristics
  4. Grading Plot:
    • Diagram: A visual representation of the diamond’s internal characteristics, including inclusions and blemishes
  5. Laser Inscription:
    • Inscription Details: If applicable, information about any laser inscriptions present on the diamond’s girdle
  6. Additional Information:
    • Report Disclaimer: WGI’s terms and conditions, outlining the limitations and scope of the report
    • Security Features: Description of security features present on the report to ensure its authenticity
    • Grading Standards: Explanation of the grading standards used by WGI for color, clarity, and cut





Please note that the specific details and format of the Diamond Grading Report may vary slightly depending on the policies and practices of the World Gemological Institute. However, the report generally covers the above-mentioned information to provide an accurate assessment of a diamond’s quality and characteristics.