FAQ's - World Gemological Institute
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  • What is a WGI Report?

WGI Gemological Analysis is based on strict standards and internationally accepted grading techniques which the laboratories are committed to. Using professional equipment and terminology, this report represents a gemological opinion and does not serve in any case as a guarantee or warranty. WGI report may contain results of loose or mounted diamonds and gemstones, features and characteristics of eventual precious metals present in the article analysed. Findings made by WGI are based on grading, testing, examining and analysing the article according to the highest professional standards, entirely made with the most advanced techniques and technology used in a gemological laboratory, in accordance with the accepted industry standards.


  • What does “thermal enhancement” refer to?

Thermal enhancement refers to heating and is the most common treatment for the majority of gemstones. Other colour gemstones treatments are: lattice diffusion, fracture filling with oil or resin, leadglass and dyeing.


  • Why some gemological reports may differ from a laboratory to another?

Different findings in other reports may depend from different time and condition of the analysis; new or improved techniques or equipment may be used along with the methods used by the person who actually performed the test.


  • How accurate are the diamond and gemstones gradings?

If diamonds or gemstones are set in a jewel, their analysis can be affected by the way they are mounted; some cases can reveal the Not Applicability of the techniques used to state is a stone is natural, permanently or not permanently treated or if it is synthetic.


  • How accurate is the RRP and valuation of your item?

The valuation refers to a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) and in any case does not function as a guarantee or warranty, it acts only as a recommendation.


  • How to check your WGI report online?

With the Online Verification, you can confirm that the information on your report matches what is in WGI data base. To check your report you only need to type the for Report number starting with capital letters of “WGI” and the ten (10) numbers following (e.g WGI9624126964) and click the button “VERIFY”. For smart phone users its required to click below to download the PDF version of the report.


  • What is 360 video system and how does it work?

After receiving your stone for grading, WGI will scan the diamond or gemstone and take a 360 video of the item. The process comes out with a link or a QR code that will take part as a printed version on your certificate, together with the grading information, thus making it an incredible feature for all diamond or gemstone traders. By scanning the QR code on the bottom of the report, customers will be able to access the 360 video and two pictures (table and cullet) and an online version of the certificate. The video is so accurate, that customers will be able to see a detailed picture of the stone, making it an easier process to view the item and decide upon purchase.


  • How to submit an item to WGI?

If you want to submit an item to get a WGI gemological report, you have two choices. You can bring the item to our London laboratory based in 100 Hatton Garden or you can send it by post, by completing our shipping form. In either cases, you will receive a notification when the report is ready for collection.