Gemstone Grading Report - World Gemological Institute
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Gemstone Grading Report



The Gemstone Grading Report issued by the World Gemological Institute (WGI) provides a detailed evaluation and assessment of the quality, authenticity, and characteristics of a specific gemstone. This report serves as a trusted reference for determining the quality and value of gemstones within the jewellery industry.


  1. General Information:
    • Report Number: WGI-XXXXX
    • Date Issued: xxxx, 2023
    • Gemstone Type: Identification of the gemstone’s variety, such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, etc.
    • Shape and Cut: Description of the gemstone’s shape, cut style, and faceting pattern.
    • Measurements: Dimensions of the gemstone, including length, width, and depth (expressed in millimeters).
    • Carat Weight: The weight of the gemstone (expressed in carats).
    • Color Grade: Assessment of the gemstone’s color quality based on industry standards and grading scales.
    • Clarity Grade: Determination of the gemstone’s clarity, assessing the presence of inclusions or blemishes.
  2. Cut and Proportions:
    • Cut Grade: Evaluation of the gemstone’s cut quality, including its symmetry, proportions, and facet arrangement.
    • Polish: Assessment of the gemstone’s surface finish, smoothness, and overall polish quality.
    • Symmetry: Analysis of the gemstone’s overall symmetry and alignment of its facets.
  3. Color:
    • Hue: Description of the gemstone’s dominant color or color range.
    • Tone: Evaluation of the gemstone’s lightness or darkness.
    • Saturation: Assessment of the gemstone’s color intensity or purity.
  4. Clarity:
    • Clarity Characteristics: Identification and description of any inclusions, blemishes, or clarity features present in the gemstone.
    • Clarity Grading Plot: A visual representation of the gemstone’s internal characteristics, including inclusions and their locations.
  5. Optical Properties:
    • Refractive Index: Measurement of the gemstone’s refractive index, which influences its brilliance and sparkle.
    • Dispersion: Assessment of the gemstone’s ability to split white light into its spectral colors.
    • Pleochroism: Evaluation of the gemstone’s ability to display different colors when viewed from different angles.
  6. Origin and Treatment:
    • Origin: Information about the gemstone’s source or origin, such as the country or region where it was mined.
    • Treatment: Confirmation of any treatments or enhancements performed on the gemstone, if applicable.
  7. Additional Information:
    • Report Disclaimer: WGI’s terms and conditions, outlining the limitations and scope of the report.
    • Security Features: Description of security features present on the report to ensure its authenticity.




Please note that the specific details and format of the Gemstone Grading Report may vary slightly depending on the policies and practices of the World Gemological Institute. However, the report generally covers the above-mentioned information to provide a comprehensive assessment of the gemstone’s quality, authenticity, and characteristics.