Jewellery Services - World Gemological Institute
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Jewellery Services


The World Gemological Institute (WGI) offers a suite of comprehensive jewellery services that cater to the maintenance, enhancement, and restoration of fine jewellery. These services are designed to ensure that each piece not only maintains its beauty and integrity but also its value over time. Here’s a brief overview of some of the key services provided by WGI:

1. Ring Resizing: This service adjusts the size of a ring to perfectly fit the wearer. WGI ensures that the resizing process maintains the ring’s original design and strength, whether it needs to be made smaller or larger.

2. Stone Repolishing: Over time, gemstones may lose some of their luster due to wear and scratches. WGI’s stone repolishing service meticulously restores the gem’s surface to its original brilliance, enhancing its clarity and sparkle.

3. Jewellery Polishing: This service revitalises the appearance of jewellery by removing superficial scratches and restoring its original shine. Polishing can make an aged piece look brand new, improving its overall aesthetics.

4. Rhodium Plating: Often used on white gold and silver pieces, rhodium plating involves coating the jewelry with a layer of rhodium, a precious metal that enhances shine and durability. This service not only improves the jewelry’s appearance but also provides a protective layer that resists scratches and tarnishing.

These services are essential for anyone looking to preserve the quality and prolong the life of their precious jewelry. WGI’s expertise ensures that every treatment is performed with precision and care, adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship.