Pearl Grading Report - World Gemological Institute
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Pearl Grading Report

The Pearl Grading Report issued by the World Gemological Institute (WGI) provides a thorough evaluation and assessment of the quality, characteristics, and value of a specific pearl. This report serves as a reliable reference for determining the quality and authenticity of pearls within the jewelry industry.


  1. General Information:
    • Report Number: WGI-XXXXX
    • Date Issued: xxxx, 2023
    • Pearl Type: Identification of the pearl’s type, such as Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian, or Freshwater.
    • Pearl Shape: Description of the pearl’s shape, such as round, drop, button, baroque, or circled.
    • Pearl Size: The measured diameter of the pearl (expressed in millimeters).
    • Pearl Color: Evaluation of the pearl’s body color, overtone(s), and any iridescence present.
    • Pearl Luster: Assessment of the pearl’s luster or shine, including its depth, brilliance, and reflectivity.
  2. Surface Quality:
    • Blemishes: Identification and description of any surface imperfections, marks, or irregularities on the pearl’s surface.
    • Surface Condition: Evaluation of the overall cleanliness and smoothness of the pearl’s surface.
  3. Nacre Quality:
    • Nacre Thickness: Measurement and assessment of the pearl’s nacre thickness, which contributes to its durability and luster.
    • Nacre Quality: Grading of the nacre’s texture, luster, and iridescence.
  4. Shape and Symmetry:
    • Shape Grade: Evaluation of the pearl’s shape, symmetry, and uniformity based on industry standards.
    • Matching: Analysis of the pearl’s pair or strand for consistency in terms of shape, size, color, and luster.
  5. Origin and Treatment:
    • Origin: Information about the pearl’s source or origin, such as the country or region where it was harvested.
    • Treatment: Confirmation of any treatments or enhancements performed on the pearl, if applicable.
  6. Additional Information:
    • Report Disclaimer: WGI’s terms and conditions, outlining the limitations and scope of the report.
    • Security Features: Description of security features present on the report to ensure its authenticity.


Please note that the specific details and format of the Pearl Grading Report may vary slightly depending on the policies and practices of the World Gemological Institute. However, the report generally covers the above-mentioned information to provide a comprehensive assessment of the pearl’s quality, characteristics, and value.