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Pearl X-ray



The service of performing pearl X-rays is an essential component in the world of gemology, particularly in the assessment and authentication of pearls. At World Gemological Institute (WGI), we offer a comprehensive range of services, including pearl X-ray analysis.

Pearl X-ray analysis is a sophisticated technique used to examine the internal structure of pearls, providing valuable insights into their authenticity and origin. This non-destructive method allows gemologists to peer beneath the surface of pearls, revealing their unique characteristics and potential treatments.

During a pearl X-ray examination, the pearl is exposed to X-rays, which penetrate its layers and interact differently with various materials within the pearl. These interactions produce an image that displays the internal features of the pearl, such as its nucleus, layers, and any abnormalities or enhancements.

One of the primary purposes of pearl X-ray analysis is to detect common treatments applied to pearls, such as bleaching and dyeing. These treatments can alter the appearance of pearls, making them more visually appealing or mimicking the characteristics of natural pearls. By examining the internal structure of pearls with X-rays, gemologists can identify signs of treatment and determine the authenticity and quality of the pearls.