Watch Report - World Gemological Institute
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Watch Report

A Watch Report by the World Gemological Institute (WGI) provides a thorough and expert evaluation of a watch’s authenticity, condition, and value. This detailed document is invaluable for collectors, sellers, and enthusiasts within the luxury watch market. It assesses various crucial elements, including the watch’s brand, model, serial number, movement, case, dial, and any unique features or complications.

The WGI Watch Report is designed to provide peace of mind by ensuring transparency in transactions, aiding in insurance valuations, and supporting resale activities. A WGI Watch Report enhances buyer confidence by backing up claims of authenticity and quality with a recognised and authoritative source, making it an essential document in the high-stakes world of collectible and luxury watches.


Watch Origin

The WGI employs advanced techniques and tools to verify the genuineness of the timepiece and to check for any modifications or replacements that may affect its originality and, consequently, its market value. This can include an analysis of the movement’s accuracy, case condition, and overall functionality.


Watch: Link Resizing / Link Addition

Service includes adjusting the length of the watch band or bracelet to fit the wearer’s wrist comfortably.