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About Us

World Gemological Institute (WGI) provides professional, precise and efficient gemological services to the global jewellery industry with our innovative laboratory located in the heart of London’s Diamond District, Hatton Gardens.

Over years, the expert Gemologists at World Gemological Institute (WGI) have built a solid standing reputation as one of the leaders in the Industry.  Our appraisals and lab reports are recognized worldwide by insurance companies, retailers, private jewellers and wholesalers.  We offer a number of different appraisals and comprehensive laboratory services to suit our customers’ needs.


All of our Gemologists are graduated from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and have many years of industry experience. Our staff is required to continually improve upon their education by regularly attending seminars, lectures and advanced gemological studies, including the coveted and highly regarded Fellowship (FGA) through the Gemological Association of Great Britain (Gem-A).


Our Goal

Our goal at WGI is to accurately identify, grade and evaluate diamonds, gemstones, pearls and jewellery; distinguish if they have been treated prior to your purchase, and determine the origin and authenticity.

Our laboratory applies the highest standards, using the most updated technology and qualified gemologists. WGI grading processes are updated according to the latest industry developments.

We take great care with customer’s precious items and details with the high standard of integrity.


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