WGI Academy - World Gemological Institute
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WGI Academy




Introduction to Gemology &

the World of Luxury Jewellery

03 – 04 December 2022

London, UK


Welcome to WGI Academy


Take an important step in your career by engaging with WGI Academy’s Masterclass „Introduction to gemology & the world of luxury jewellery”, which will increase your knowledge in gemology, build your confidence and improve your abilities in selling jewellery in a professional and active way.

Our course will offer a unique opportunity to acquire and practice knowledge in gemology and gemstone trade to join and succeed in the industry. Carefully structured content will enable the learner to successfully identify diamonds and gemstones, distinguish imitations and synthetics and have an understanding of the jewellery. Hands on class aims to deliver vital sales techniques to professionally engange and satisfy your customer needs.


The special way a product is delivered is essential and translates into:

→ Excellent communication skills, accompanied by the best knowledge

→ Ability to connect with people and to prove generosity and trust

→ Gravitas and exceptional presence



Benefits of participation:


  • You will understand and refine your idea of the universe of diamonds, gemstones and jewellery;
  • You will learn how to describe a piece of jewellery in terms of style, form and function; value, quality andcraftsmanship;
  • You will understand what are the inclusions & cuts of a diamond and gemstone;
  • You will be able to identify treated diamonds, lab-created diamonds and diamond simulants;
  • Your will identify and then adopt the behaviour that delivers the values of excellence in customer relationship management;
  • You will learn about the universe of luxury jewellery;
  • You will understand how to improve the quality of services – assess, guide and improve every-day;
  • You will be able to focus on the human and aesthetic dimensions, the pillars of excellence in customer relationship;
  • You will learn the jewellery selling ceremony;


Fee: £550 (early Bird until 20th of November)

                                £650 (full price)


Please use the online form below for your inquiry, filling out all the fields marked with*.