Jewellery Grading Report - World Gemological Institute
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Jewellery Grading Report


The Jewellery Grading Report issued by the World Gemological Institute (WGI) provides a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the quality, authenticity, and characteristics of a specific piece of jewellery. This report is highly regarded within the jewellery industry and serves as a valuable document for authentication and appraisal purposes.

  1. General Information:
    • Report Number: WGI-XXXXX
    • Date Issued: xxxx, 2023
    • Description: A detailed description of the jewellery, including its type and style.
    • Metal Type and Purity: Information about the metal used in the jewellery, such as gold (14 K, 18 K), platinum, silver, etc.
    • Gemstone Type and Identity: Identification and grading of gemstones used in the jewellery.
    • Total Carat Weight: The combined weight of all gemstones in the jewellery (expressed in carats).
  2. Gemstone Grading:
    • Color Grade: An assessment of the color quality of the gemstone(s) (if applicable), based on industry standards and grading scales.
    • Clarity Grade: A determination of the gemstone’s clarity, assessing the presence of inclusions or blemishes.
    • Cut and Shape: Evaluation of the gemstone’s cut quality, shape and proportions.
    • Polish and Symmetry: Assessment of the gemstone’s surface finish and precision of the cut.
  3. Metal Grading:
    • Metal Purity: Confirmation of the metal’s purity, indicated by its fineness or karatage.
    • Metal Weight: The weight of the metal used in the jewellery, typically measured in grams.
  4. Additional Features and Components:
    • Side Stones or Accent Gemstones: Information about any additional gemstones present in the jewellery.
    • Diamonds: Grading details (if applicable) for any diamonds used in the jewellery.
    • Engravings or Hallmarks: Identification and documentation of any engravings, logos, or hallmarks present on the jewellery.
  5. Authentication and Appraisal:
    • Authenticity: Confirmation that the jewelry is genuine and not a counterfeit or imitation.
    • Appraisal Value: An estimated retail value of the jewellery, typically based on the current market conditions and quality assessment.
  6. Additional Information:
    • Report Disclaimer: WGI’s terms and conditions, outlining the limitations and scope of the report.
    • Security Features: Description of security features present on the report to ensure its authenticity.



Please note that the specific details and format of the Jewelry Grading Report may vary slightly depending on the policies and practices of the World Gemological Institute. However, the report generally covers the above-mentioned information to provide a comprehensive assessment of the jewelry’s quality, authenticity, and gemstone characteristics.