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Insurance Valuation


We hope no harm ever comes to your treasured possessions but it’s important that your items are insured, just in case you ever need to make a claim. Touch wood.


We can arrange your valuation for you. Our expert Gemologist examine your jewellery and provide a full report of written valuation that acts a legal document you can use for insurance in every insurance company around the world. We’ll take digital professional photographs, note any distinguishing features and write a full description of each item. This makes it much easier to identify your jewellery if it’s even lost or stolen.

Our appraisals and lab reports are recognized worldwide by insurance companies, retailers, private jewelers and wholesalers.

You may require a valuation for a number of reasons; the most common is that your insurer requires one to provide adequate insurance cover for your watches and jewellery. Other reasons include probate, private sale or just for personal interest.

WGI Gemmological Reports intend to describe the characteristics of the article submitted for analysis to the laboratory but also give a valuable and useful tool to the jewellery Industry. The Reports, with their unique online report verification number, may contain results of loose or mounted diamonds or gemstones, features and characteristics of eventual precious metals present in the article analysed.

To find out more about our valuation service, or to make an appointment, please contact us.

*In accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, your details are kept entirely confidential and can only be released to the police or your insurers with your permission.