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WGI Gemmological Reports intend to describe the characteristics of the article submitted for analysis to the laboratory but also give a valuable and useful tool to the jewellery Industry. The Reports, with their unique online report verification number, may contain results of loose or mounted diamonds or gemstones, features and characteristics of eventual precious metals present in the article analysed.


The WGI Diamond Grading Report includes a detailed analysis of the diamond’s 4Cs – carat weight, color, clarity, and cut – which are the universally recognized criteria for evaluating a diamond’s quality. The report also includes information about the diamond’s shape, measurements, inclusions, polish, and symmetry. All of this information is used to assign a grade to the diamond, which is then included in the report.

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Diamond Medium Certificate


The 360° Video Reports present a unique feature in gemological certificates, giving our customers the possibility to access the 360° video and pictures of the stone by scanning the QR code on the bottom. This feature will help our clients sell faster the diamond or gemstone. The 360° video is made on request.


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A4 Diamond QR


The Jewellery Report, with a full-colour image, provide a detailed description of the item like metal identification, gemstone or diamond grading and potential treatments. It is also possible to include origin opinion of the gemstone (if applicable) and price evaluation. This is a valuable service for retailers and private as the jewellery piece has been certified by an independent organisation.

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Gemstone Identification Reports are requested for standard identification and verification of diamonds and colored stones. This report Includes; the species of the material, detailed measurements, quality, weight as well as a detailed photograph of the gemstone.

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Determining a natural gemstone that has been created by Mother Nature or a synthetic stone that has been created in a lab is becoming increasingly difficult and requires special testing. Our Gemologists use advanced equipment to test the stones and distinguish if the stone is natural or synthetic.



FT-IR analysis is a technique used to measure the materials absorbance of infrared light at various wavelengths. WGI laboratory will provide you information about the material’s chemical composition, that aids the identification of treatment, origin and synthetic materials along with observation of the material under magnification.


If you’re considering investing in a diamond or a piece of jewellery, it is essential to have the piece evaluated to ensure you are getting what you paid for.

We recommend you to have a verbal pre-grade/evaluation done on the item before buying it, so you can rest assured that the item will fulfil your expectations. Our expert team will explain the details of the quality and the value of the item so you have a better understanding of your investment.



Capturing the beauty of your investment can be difficult with a regular camera.  WGI has a team of professional photographers trained specifically in Jewellery and gemstone photography using advanced equipment.  If you need a professional image of your investment for insurance or keepsake purposes, please ask to speak to our professional staff.

360° VIDEO

WGI offers 360° video imaging of diamonds, gemstones and jewelry.  A 360° video in HD is the closest online experience you can have to seeing a diamond in real life. It’s a new way to showcase the diamond and capture all parts of the diamond thoroughly and precisely and bring it to life as opposed to static images.


A laser inscription in a diamond refers to a microscopic marking or inscription that is made on the girdle (the outer edge) or the table (the flat top surface) of a diamond using a laser. This inscription is typically a series of letters, numbers, symbols, or even a customized message, and it is done to provide additional identification, branding, or personalization to the diamond. The laser inscription is performed by skilled professionals using precise laser technology. It creates a permanent marking on the diamond’s surface without causing any damage to its structural integrity or visual appearance. The inscription is usually invisible to the naked eye and requires magnification to be seen clearly. The purpose of a laser inscription in a diamond can vary. It may serve as a means of identification, allowing the diamond to be easily traced and verified in case of loss, theft, or insurance claims. It can also be used to indicate important details about the diamond, such as its certification number, the logo or name of the diamond manufacturer, or a personal message for sentimental reasons. Laser inscriptions provide an additional layer of security and assurance for buyers, as they can verify the authenticity and characteristics of the diamond by matching the inscription with corresponding records or certificates. Additionally, some diamonds may have laser inscriptions that are linked to digital databases, enabling easy access to detailed information about the diamond’s grading, origin, and history.